There are several steps involved in creating the perfect 3D Crystal Photo-Artwork
  • Firstly our artists use the latest software and their skills to remove the background and convert the subject of your photograph from a 2-Dimensional image to a front view 3-Dimensional image
  • We then fine-tune the contrast of the image to optimize it's impact once engraved to crystal
  • The image is then converted into a 3-Dimensional cloud of micro-dots less then a 1/10mm apart ready for engraving to crystal
  • The micro-dot cloud is then fed into a sub-surface laser engraving machine which fires a laser pulse at the location of each micro-dot within the glass crystal creating a corresponding etch mark
  • The end result is a front-view 3D artwork of your image created by light bouncing off each of the etch marks as it passes through the crystal. To maximize the impact of your crystal we recommend using one of our light bases and positioning the crystal against a dark background away from direct sunlight.
  • Although this technology has been around for a few years now, the level of definition (determined by the size of each dot and the space apart) created by the more modern laser machines has vastly improved which is why we have invested in new machinery for 2020. 
  • We strongly believe that by using the latest software, experienced artists and the latest in sub-surface laser engraving technology we are best placed to create a timeless crystal piece you will treasure forever.